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Answering our clients’ complex needs in the field of human resources, we develop and successfully execute a range of diverse HR services. These staffing solutions are implemented by teams of experts with practical and functional experience.

Each service is developed specifically for the needs of the client, based on his views. In the implementation of the services we offer, the "Ernik" agency consultants maintain continuous customer feedback.

 Services directed to the candidates:

    Preparing a CV.
    Preparing a cover letter.
    Assessment of  professional qualities and skills.
    Defining your range of professional interests and possible areas
of realization.
    Preparing for the interview and “how to behave during the interview” training.
    Psychological counseling
    Other methods providing a maximum degree of success in seeking and finding employment.

    Services directed to the employers:

    Recruitment solutions
    Staff leasing solutions
    Trainings and guidance.
    Staff evaluation and motivation systems
    Organizing and conducting of team buildings.
    Organization Development Consulting
    Analysis and design of job positions.
    Subscription to recruitment